Not necessarily “homework” but more like papers from school!

Each year it gets harder and harder and this year I’m sinking fast.  I need a way to organize my kids’ school papers and homework because it’s not as simple as them bringing it home one day and having to fill it out and turn back in the next day….no…. it’s “Here’s a math packet on Monday and it’s due Friday” and “Here’s a homework packet on Wednesday due on Monday” and “Here’s your spelling words on Monday with a nightly task and the whole packet due back Friday”.  “This folder needs to be returned by Monday so it can be filled and sent home on Wednesdays”.

Besides “new homework”….the kids hand me old homework to look at, papers from their teachers, school fliers, forms to fill out or verify or sign, etc. etc. etc.

Not wanting to misplace anything, right now the kids’ papers all go into one big pile and every night we have to weed through it to find their homework and then find a few minutes to actually DO the homework.

Remember, we are out the door by 4:45 most nights, back home around 7:45, grab a bite, kids take showers, next thing we know it’s 8:30 and time for bed.

The best solution would be a clone.  My clone would help the kids with their homework as soon as they get home from school, while I’m working.  Or maybe my clone could stay home with the kids that don’t have sports that day- feed them dinner, help them with their homework, and clean the kitchen and floors while I’m off taking the sports kid to their activity.

But I can’t make a clone.

This is where sister-wives would come in handy.


Or maybe a live-in nanny?  Hmmm….. I might be on to something!

I think maybe some really good organization is what we need.  So I googled “Homework Station” and “Family Organizer” and “School Paper Organization” and here’s some examples of what I found:

Yep.  That’s what I need.  Something like the above.  I really like the fridge side one (although I wouldn’t put it on my fridge side).  I like it because it has the pockets, but also a pen/pencil cup with plain note paper, the dry erase surface, a spot for sticky notes, etc.  It’s an ALL-In-ONE family communication and organization hub.

Perfect for a kitchen, but I have no wall space in my kitchen.

So dilemma #1 is where would I put the kids’ stuff.

Right now their backpacks go by the front door- which seems logical and they’ll probably stay there.

I certainly don’t want a Family “HUB” to go right by the front door.  I don’t want it to be a main focal point to anyone walking into our home.

What about this vacant spot?

I think it would be the perfect location for a Family Hub.

And I think I found THE perfect pocket system (optional wall mount):


Stay tuned and let’s see what happens!!