Trevor will be getting his braces put on today! He’s already picked out his color scheme- going with the Seahawks bright green and cobalt blue.

Last Monday he went in to have the spacers put between his molars. He said it was uncomfortable, but not bad. He did ask for ibuprofen a couple times those first days, but adapted OK.

Here’s the pictures….he was such a trooper!

UPDATE 12/22:

Dr Phillips told him it would be a few hours before the pain would set in…and that if he wanted to eat anything ‘solid’ he’d better do it before his mouth gets sore. I had given him some Motrin BEFORE his appointment to hopefully help, and kept note of the clock to know when it would be time to administer another dose.

We went to Costco for dinner- and we let him have the Berry Smoothie for dinner (not something we would ever do otherwise). By the time we got home, he said his mouth was starting to get sore. But he wanted an apple- so I THINLY sliced it for him and he ate most of it. Another dose of Motrin and he put his headgear on and sat in front of the TV, falling asleep by 9:00.

I was curious to see if he’d still have the headgear on when I woke up. He didn’t. I was wondering where he would have put it when he’s 1/2 awake, and surprisingly he hung it up in the spot he made in his room for it. Taken care of! Nice!

He didn’t remember waking up at all, nor taking out the headgear. He was REALLY sore this morning. I let him have ice-cream for breakfast. I’m hoping I can get someone to go to the store this morning to pick up his wild-berry Jet smoothie mix and some vanilla yogurt to go with it. Poor kid.

He’s to wear the headgear for 12 hours a day. The doc talked him into also wearing it whenever he’s watching TV or playing video games- trying to do one hour at a time at various points in the day, with the solid 12 hour stretch at night. The more he wears it, the shorter the overall duration.

I’ll keep you posted!