I was shopping the Uppercase Living online catalog and ran across this saying:


it’s a little thing

that makes

a BIG difference!

I thought this would be the perfect “quote” to put on my kids’ walls.  I’d love to have some sort of inspirational saying for each kid to see in their room on a daily basis, something to become ingrained in their brain.

Then I had the idea that instead of paying money for a fancy “permanent” quote, why not purchase some picture frames and print out various sayings myself?  I could even tailor them to be what the kiddo needs at that particular point in time…


So I searched Pinterest for some sayings- not all of these are for the kids- but here are my most favorite.



I’m sure I’ll add more to my favorites list.  If you have a Pinterest account you can follow me!  I’d put that link here but I don’t know how to find it…. sorry!

OH, and when I get around to creating the wall art for the kids’ rooms I’ll be sure to post it!