What a handsome guy, too!


Trevor’s last day in the 8th grade, at Brown Middle School was Thursday June 13th.  His “completion” ceremony was the day prior.  During the daytime.  I really don’t know what schools are thinking by having these ceremonies at 9am, but whatevs.  I made it work.  My mom came with me, too.

As Trevor approached the podium for his certificate, I recorded video and hit the photo button to take a picture, but the delay was so great- it stopped recording and I missed the shot.  My camera didn’t resume functionality until Trevor was nearly in his seat.  Thankfully, my mom had also taken video from up in the bleachers.  And Friday I received an email that a parent took pictures of EVERY child receiving their certificate and shaking hands- and now I have the whole 30-seconds of this moment captured and put together to share.

Here it is!


It wasn’t nearly as formal as when I went to school there, but times are different I suppose.