I love garage sale-ing!  We found a bigger and better mirror to hang over the antique table in our bedroom.  And this gave me an opportunity to give a step-by-step tutorial on how to hang something ‘level’ when the mounting brackets aren’t necessarily level.  (As mentioned in this previous post- hanging our headboard.)

Here’s the “How to hang something when you need it to go in the exact right spot and it requires two nails and you don’t want to grab a ruler or tape measure and do it that way but you want to make sure it’s perfectly straight and you don’t have a helper to help you” tutorial:

There’s the back of my mirror.  Both sides had a hanging bracket- pictured above.

LIGHTLY tape a small piece of paper (like an index card) over the hanging bracket then poke a hole where the nail (or screw) needs to go.  Now you have a template you can attach to the wall so you know exactly where to drive your nail (or screw).

Put a piece of masking tape on the opposite side so that you can tape the template to the wall when it’s up in place.

Hold your frame (picture/mirror/headboard/whatever) in place, make sure it’s level.

Press the tape to the wall and gently remove the frame (picture/mirror/headboard/whatever) from the template (easy to do since you “lightly” taped it to the frame, right?)

Now you have a template on the wall with a marked hole for your nail or screw!  How easy was that?

In this particular case I was using picture hangers- so I had to make sure the bottom of the picture hanger was perfectly centered over the hole since that marked where the frame (picture/mirror/headboard/whatever) would be hanging.

Once your nail (or screw) is in place, remove the template:

Now you can hang your frame (picture/mirror/headboard/whatever) and be assured that it’s hung EXACTLY where you wanted it!

Here’s a Before and After….I really like this bigger mirror MUCH BETTER!



Excuse the mess on the floor.  That’s the old mirror and those two empty decorative frames.   Not sure how they will be repurposed yet.