Look at the following three pictures and tell me what’s common (besides the messy messy room):

What am I photographing?  The DESKS.

Each kiddo has their own desk in their room. My thought was that it would give them a working space to draw pictures, do homework, work on arts and crafts, read books, basically just have a clear space for them to do something while they are in their room.

The problem?

#1.  our kids are hardly ever in their rooms.

#2.  their desks have become clutter magnets and storage spots for stuff

#3.  they don’t use them.

So now I’m thinking w-h-yWhy have such a large piece of furniture that isn’t being utilized and simply looks messy?  I’m seriously considering taking them out.

Then I think, maybe if the kids spent more time in their rooms they would appreciate having a desk.

I’ve decided this is the result of having a large house- if you want to get away from everyone there’s so many other rooms to go to besides your own room- because your own room is often a messy disaster!  Ha!

Ugh.  Kids.

On Sunday I’d had enough.  All three kids were given the assignment of having each bedroom cleaned- thoroughly.  It took Brooke about 9 hours to do her room!  But alas, the rooms are now “clean”.  Er, “clear”.

OK, maybe not 100% clean/clear- although Brooke’s looks REALLY GOOD!  Trevor’s- not so much.  I don’t think he cleared anything off his desk!

I’ll take what I can get!  At least I can walk in their rooms now!