I try to bring the SLR camera to at least one game per season- to get the best pictures possible for keepsakes.  I just love the depth and clarity of SLR pictures over regular point-and-shoot cameras.

Riley had two back-to-back soccer games on Saturday (one at 10:30 the other at noon).  This was on 9/24, which by the way was the same day Trevor had a soccer game in Camas from 12:30-2:30, football practice from 3:30-5:30 and Jim was working a full day.  Suffice it to say I couldn’t be everywhere at once- my focus was Riley’s two soccer games and taking care of Brooke.  Trevor went with his coach.

Anyway- Riley had a breakout game.  She finally gets it.  She played amazingly well and had fun doing it.  I’m so proud of her and glad she finally has a place in the team.

She started out playing Defender and she has always done a pretty good job of that- booting the ball back up the field or kicking it out of bounds if there’s no clear pass to make.  This morning, though, the ball came her way and the path ahead of her was totally open so she dribbled the ball all the way up the field until a Forward finally got into position and she passed the ball- the Forward took a shot on goal but missed.  Bummer!  After that there was no stopping Riley though.  She had a taste of what ‘could be’ and the coach saw that so when she went in next he put her in as a Forward.  She played the position well- great passing, great handling, a few shots on goal (but missed).

At halftime coach was assigning positions and told Riley she’d be a Forward again.  She told him she liked to play defense and didn’t want to be a Forward this time- his response, “You are too good of a Forward to not play the position.”  She smiled.  And that was that.  She was on fire and having a blast the remainder of the game.  She had at least one shot on goal, but missed.

Unfortunately- the weather was unexpectedly warm.  Although the temperature only read 74 or so, that sun was darn hot!  The girls (all of them) were getting over heated.  To further complicate things, the game was ending at 11:35 with their next game starting at noon!  No time to head out for lunch or anything.

I was the assigned “Snack Mom” and knowing the kids needed to be refueled I supplied Propel Waters, Cheese Sticks and Fiber One Bars.  Another mom brought grapes and cheese and crackers just in case.  The girls were decently fed and rehydrated….although their faces were still really red.

It gets worse.  One of our players had to leave the first game early due to another commitment.  Another player left to go to the beach (what???).  And another player thought the next game started at 12:30 so they went to McDonald’s to get lunch.  That left us a team of six with NO subs.  And the team we were playing had not played a game yet that day and had a team of twelve.  They could full sub their girls out for breaks.

It was hotter.  And it was going to be brutal.

Long story short-  the only break Coach could give the girls was to rotate them from Forward to Defender to give them a small break (Forwards run the whole field, Defenders only play half the field).  Finally at 12:30 the one girl came back, so now we had ONE sub.  Six red-faced exhausted overheated girls all begging for a break.  (Oh, we did talk the ref into giving us a short break during each half to rehydrate since otherwise the girls would have had NO break).

Riley would not come out.  I was getting worried about her because she was visibly overheated, I could see that she was trying to cool down by taking in deep breaths and blowing them out, I was worried she was going to pass out or get sick.  Every time Coach asked her if she wanted to be subbed out- she’d say “NO!” and just keep on playing.

The girls played amazingly well- super strong defense- good offense.  Most of the time the ball was on our half of the field.

The first game we won 2-0.

The second game we tied at 2-2.

I’m just so proud of her.  She played well, she had fun, and most of all she WANTS to get in the middle of it now and attack the ball and take control.  She WANTS to play.  I love it!

Enjoy the pics…

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