We were eating dinner at Costco (of course) and talking about the “Hamster Car” they had on display.  (Kia soul- the car that has hamsters driving it in the commercials- this one was a metallic pistachio green color.  It was actually pretty cute.  Trevor said he wants one when he grows up.

Then Brooke suddenly announces, “I want 5 cars when I grow up… the long one (a limousine- she’s wanted one of those for at least a year now), the one without a top (convertible- she pointed that out to me about 2 weeks ago), a monster truck (??), THAT car (the Kia Soul), and (she pauses for a minute)…..the watermelon truck!   (The watermelon truck was a beat up old chevy truck at the demolition derby a couple weeks ago- painted green and red with a big ‘ol watermelon cut out on the top).

That’s my girl.  A limousine and a monster truck, er…Demo Derby truck.