I snapped this picture the morning we left- the sky was so clear and crisp! Can you see Mt. Hood peeking out behind the ridge?

Tucked in the middle of nowhere is a fabulous little lake- called Pine Hollow Reservoir.  It’s in Tygh Valley, technically Wamic, OR.  About 30 miles south of the Dalles.  We were introduced to this place about 6 years ago.  Turns out, Jim remembered going there in his teens with a friend!

I don’t like rivers and deep lakes.  I don’t like to be wet.  I don’t like to be cold.  This is why I love Pine Hollow.  The water is WARM.  The water is not dark and scary, you can actually see down about 3-4′.  It’s shallow along the banks, for a long way out.  And it’s HOT there- usually 90-100 degrees when we go.  So you hang out at camp until it gets too warm (usually by 11:00!), then go down to the lake and hang out for a few hours until you get hungry, go back to camp, eat some lunch, maybe take a short nap, then head back out to the water around 4:00 for an afternoon swim.  Love, love, love it.

The kids all brought their bikes.  There’s an adjacent field with a couple of jumps, and a dirt track with lots of steep hills and jumps at one end of the campground.  Lots of bumps and bruises, a few scrapes, of course.  Riley took a pretty big collision and ended up with a nasty road-rash on her back, and still has a lovely greenish bruise.  Poor kid.  Trevor ran over himself- well, scraped his leg with his bike pedal and got a nasty oozy skin scrape early in the trip.

Brooke still doesn’t ride a bike without training wheels, and earlier in the week we took one of our old bikes and pulled the pedals off, making it a glider bike.  She would scoot it up the hills and coast down them.  She has the balance down and could ride a bike if she tried, but still has no desire.  She’s doing great, though, and has a bit of daredevil in her!

We got the same 2 campsites as last year.  They are perpendicular to each other, so share a big open area.  The site adjacent to us is actually designed to be parked backwards so that all 3 campsites can share an open area- perfect for group camping!  We’ve just never found a 3rd family who wants to join us.  Wonder what that means….


Enjoy the photos!

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