My free time is few and far between again.  We have a lot going on THIS WEEK!

– Swim lessons for Brooke every morning

– Soccer for Trevor & Riley every Monday and Wednesday evening

– Riley has a doctor appointment tonight for a strange looking mole on her back (the skin around it will not tan, and the mole is changing shape/texture)

– Elisa has a sewing class on Thursday night

– Our trailer is at the shop getting an estimate for damage (oops- the rear swung out wider than anticipated and swiped another vehicle at the campground)

– Jim finds out this week if he’s spending 6-weeks working in Buffalo NY.  At this point it’s 90% likely he will be gone for the rest of August and all of September.

– I have a new baby starting Tuesday… I’m actually excited about all the baby spit-up and gooey diapers.  Ha ha ha ha….

– I’m behind on my business paperwork again- the stuff that is supposed to be turned in to the state no later than the 3rd of the month.

– Having a work BBQ this Saturday for some fellow daycare providers

– Dentist appointments this Friday, or maybe they were rescheduled, hmmm….I’ll have to check!

– And then the normal day-to-day life stuff

We thoroughly enjoyed our recent vacation, a 5-day camping trip at Pine Hollow.  I’m working on a blog entry to showcase the photos and happenings of that week.  Don’t hold it against me if it’s not ready to publish this week….my quiet time is going to be packed with to-do items.