This is the second time I’ve experienced this, so I just have to share!

Two Saturdays ago, I got a really bad sunburn.  We had been in L.A. the week prior (not always wearing sunscreen, but for the most part we did) and we were outside all day long, every day, and none of us got burned while we were there.  I  take that back, there was one day when my neckline got a little pink, but it was faded by the next morning.

We got home on a Friday night and the next morning we had a soccer game at 10:30am, and another game immediately following at noon.  It was sunny that morning and I was excited to be able to wear some capris and sandals- hopefully I’d get a little sun!  I didn’t really think about bringing sunscreen with us, because we had been exposed to the sun the prior six days without issue, and the Pacific Northwest sun can’t be as bad, right?

So we sat in our chairs on the side of the soccer field…for two hours unprotected…and I was fried.  Lobster red.  The tops of my feet (which had NOT seen the sun at all yet- I wore tennis shoes every day in CA), my arms- especially the tops of my forearms, and my chest/neckline.  R-E-D.

At noon I went and got the umbrella to use as shade, and spent the next 2 hours sheltered from the sun, even my feet.  But it was too late.

As soon as we got home I grabbed the bottle of Aloe Vera Gel and started slathering my arms, chest and feet.  And I kept them slathered all afternoon and evening- another slathering just before bed time.  Oh how my skin burned.

The next day was a lazy Sunday- dedicated pajama day- I kept using the Aloe Vera Gel.  Surprised that my skin was still so red, not fading at all, still tender to the touch.  And when I finally hopped in the shower on Monday morning- OUCH.  The tops of my feet were stinging!  This was definitely the worst burn my feet have ever experienced.

That morning, I decided to start using my Seacret Body Lotion on all my burned areas.  And here it is, 2 weeks later and I’m not peeling.  I’m golden, not pink, and as I said, so far I’m not peeling. 

I believe it’s the Seacret lotion working some magic.  I’ve experienced this before- using Seacret twice a day after a bad burn and it also never peeled.  I was crossing my fingers that it would work again, and ta-da…it has!

The “secret ingredient” in Seacret lotion: minerals from the Dead Sea.  From their website: “Protect and hydrate your skin all day with this rich blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, and Avocado Oil. These natural humectants plus mineral-rich Dead Sea salts intensify healing and cell regeneration, leaving skin instantly supple and silky with no residue.”

This stuff ain’t cheap either- it’s $20 for a 6.5 ounce bottle.  Looks like on their website it’s buy one get one free right now, but still, that’s expensive.  I actually buy mine off Ebay!  And when I run out (I have one bottle left) you betcha that I’ll be buying more~  it IS worth it.  My skin is so ultra-smooth and soft- even my elbows feel like a baby’s bottom.  And if it can heal and regenerate skin after a nasty sunburn, well it HAS to be good stuff!