Well, it didn’t quite go as planned.  She had no trouble getting up at 6:30 though!  Everyone was ready for the bus at 7:10, but I wouldn’t let them head out that early.  That’s TOO early.  The bus is supposed to pick up at 7:29.  I am to have the kids out the door at 7:20.

It was suddenly 7:24 and I opened the door to shoo the kids out, and saw the bus leaving our bus stop!  OH NO!  Trevor was riding his bike to school, but I had no way to get the girls to school.  Fortunately my neighbor was outside so I asked him if he could take the girls to school.  He said sure.  Then suggested that Johne come over instead and watch the 2 kidlets I had here so I could drive the girls myself, especially since it’s the first day of school!  The kids love Johne, so I thought that solution was perfect!

Next time, I’ll set a timer.

Here’s the pictures from this morning.

So excited for her first day of Kindergarten!
All ready for the bus, just waiting now...
Oops, we missed the bus! Oh well, "smile!"
See ya!

Oh, and as we’re driving to school, Brooke says, “Oh man!  I forgot to bring my lipgloss!”

Riley replies, “It’s SCHOOL Brooke, not a BALL!”  (I had to laugh at that comment- Riley speaking to Brooke in princess terminology and all…)

Brooke says, “But I want to look beautiful!”

And like any nice big sister would say, “Brooke, you already ARE beautiful.”


That’s my girl!