Are you still lost?

I am.

I ended up looking online for answers and came across a few articles and blogs that have helped me sort a few things out in my head.

But I still have questions.  For example, if everything that happened on the island was true (supposedly)- their “real life” up through the prior season at least…the flashbacks, eventually the flash-fowards, the six get off the island and resume “normal” lives for 3 years, then all go back to the island, those that did not leave the island are really living on the island (in 1974), OK, I’m good with all of that.

So if Aaron is 3 years old, why is he a newborn baby at the end?  In the church?  Is it because that’s how Claire remembers him, so that’s how he comes to her at this “gathering place” where they can all be together again?  Is that what their heaven is?

So are they all living in this alternate life waiting for everyone else?  DId they all die at different times?  Did they all die at the same time?

What I read was that the “alternate life” that everyone was living, as shown in this current season as “flash-sideways”, that was not their real life.  At that point, they are dead.  It’s their after-life.  But life on the island is supposed to be real.

I read that all the Losties on the island died from the hydrogen bomb explosion that took place when Juliet smashed the bomb.  That is when we saw the “flash-sideways” begin.  Yet they were still alive on the island, too?

I’m really confused.  Answers anyone?,,20313460_20387946,00.html