Our Spring Soccer season officially ends Saturday May 22nd.  WHEW!    Dance class has also ended for the summer, so now we only have Trevor’s baseball schedule to contend with.  That still keeps us busy 3 days a week, but that will seem like nothing compared to what we have been saddled with!

Looks like we’ll have all our evenings and weekends free mid-June (baseball ends), then all of July free….and half of August…then soccer will start up again.  Riley has decided she does want to play soccer again, and Trevor is still debating if he wants to do Classic or Recreational soccer. He has until Friday (5/21) to decide.

Classic means year-round soccer with more tournaments and clinics and a much higher play level requirement.  He’s at that skill level, but we’re just not sure we want to commit the time and expense required.  And travel.  For those of you with kids in JBO baseball, it’s the same type of thing, only year-round and about 4x as expensive!

Classic also means practices would start NOW, so there would be no summer off.  And there would be tournaments during the summer and clinics and camps.  With my job (and Jim’s job) it’s hard to get Trevor to the clinics and camps because they are usually during the week. (Where’s that spare car and driver of ours?)

But he loves soccer and is so good at it, he has natural skills it seems, so maybe it is the right time?

He’s torn.  We’re torn.  I guess time will tell.  If he doesn’t do it this year, he’ll likely do it next year.  But that means no baseball at all.

I’m glad he is such a natural athlete, but how do you choose one sport when he’s good at all of them?