Although Brooke’s birthday was Monday May 17th, we had her birthday party this past weekend at Chuck-E-Cheese.  (Her request, not mine!)  And of course being the girly-girl that she is, she wanted to wear her princess tiara and one of her fancy dresses.  To run around with her friends in the mayhem of other preschoolers and gradeschool age kids.  Craziness.

I can usually handle C.E.C. without difficulty, I can tune out all the noise, but it seemed especially loud and busy that night!

Our morning was a bit comical, though.  Brooke woke up and announced that “The Birthday Girl is awake!”  Then she came out and  announced that since she had another birthday, she’s now TEN years old.  Just like Trevor.  I think she was serious.  So we had a talk about how her birthday was on Monday, and that her party was on a different day so that yes, she gets to be the birthday girl twice, but really there’s only one birthday, “you are still 5 honey.”  What finally convinced her it was OK to be 5 is when I told her that only 5-year olds can go to kindergarten, and she wouldn’t be able to go to kindergarten if she’s not 5 anymore.   That girl cannot wait to start kindergarten!!

But I realized the following day that Brooke has really been celebrating her birthday for 2+ weeks!  First with her Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique experience at Disneyland- where everyone who saw her princess costume and sash and pin wished her a Happy Birthday….that was on May 11th.  Then we celebrated her birthday at home on May 16th (the day before her birthday), just our immediate family, since Jim has to work Monday nights now- we couldn’t celebrate on her birthday. Then this past Sunday, May 23rd, she had her birthday party with friends, cousins, grandparents, aunts & uncles….what a lucky girl!