According to Brooke, hail falling from the sky is “rain’s teeth”.  The first time she said, “Mom! The rain’s teeth are falling” I had no idea what she meant, but as I looked at the little ice pellets, I quickly realized how to a 4 year old, they resembled tiny teeth.

That’s not the main reason for this posting, but I still wanted to share the cute comment.  The purpose of this posting is to share Brooke’s Mother’s Day card that she made at preschool a couple weeks ago.  The front had a hand and arm print to look like a flower, inside was a picture of me (drawn by her) and then a fill-in “What I know about my mother”…

Despite my height and weight, she has me nailed!  I didn’t realize that coffee is my favorite food, but she does see me make my French Press Latte’s every morning, and knows I go through the Coffee Rush and Starbucks drive-thrus to get “good” coffee.  It just made me smile.

(And just as I finished this posting, it starts hailing, hard, and I hear Brooke calling out to her friends, “Look!  The teeth rain!”)