I’ve had my Droid since October, when we decided to switch from AT&T to Verizon. I was originally going to stay with AT&T and get the iPhone, but ultimately I wanted better phone coverage and I was constantly dropping calls with AT&T.  They didn’t offer me anything to stay with them, even though I had been a customer since 1994, so we moved.

The main reason why I chose the Droid over any other Verizon phone is because it’s is constantly being improved upon. When you buy a regular phone (like the enV3, or enV Touch, or Chocolate Touch, etc.) what you get is what you get. Eventually you will probably upgrade to a different phone based on functionality and features.

The Droid runs the Google Android system, which is constantly being enhanced and improved. Since I’ve owned my phone, there have been two major upgrades. And each time it’s sort of like getting a new phone!  The shape and mechanical buttons are the same, but the innards are enhanced.

The first upgrade gave me an easier “wake-up” button, a bigger clock on the face of my phone, improved battery life, improved camera focusing, improved bluetooth quality. I loved the changes!

Last Saturday another upgrade was released and I downloaded it.  WAAAAAY COOOOL!  The first thing I noticed was that my photo gallery was more like the iPhone gallery, visually pleasing, not so industrial, almost 3D looking with layers.  So then I went online to see what other enhancements were made….I didn’t want to miss out on anything!

This phone now has pinch-to-zoom like the iPhone.  Not a big deal for me, but still cool.  A new Weather and News widget specific to my location (Droids have an internal GPS).  Pretty cool- I no longer need the Weather App or need to go online to see the weather forecast.   Google Maps now has night mode (which if you have a Garmin or other GPS you totally understand).  But the thing that iced the cake for me…..voice to text.

There is a WordPress app that allows me to make blog entries from my phone.  I don’t really use it because it’s easier for me to type on a regular keyboard then pick letters with my fingernails on the Droid keyboard.  But with the new voice-to-text functionality, I can open the WordPress App, start talking to it…and it will type what I said into the blog!  What a timesaver!

Let’s give it a try…

“I am now talking into my phone. This totally rocks. I wonder if it will work with my bluetooth headset? That would be awesome.”

I had to say that last sentence 3 times to get it right.

Okay here it is with no corrections even though corrections are easy to make:

“I am now talking into my phone. This totally rocks. I wonder if it will work with my bluetooth headset. that would beat awesome”.

Not bad right?

Now let’s try a really long sentence.

“Well the first thing that comes to mind is James new schedule which really sucks”

Not bad.  I said Jim’s, not James.

Let’s try another sentence.

“My second home equity about baseball practice which has been canceled for tonight i’m so excited”

Ha ha ha

“It should be a mile second st comments wood beach.”

“What the heck?”

Okay maybe this needs help!!!

I have no idea what I said, but it surely had nothing to do with a mile, second st, or wood beach!

Now I’m laughing!!

Really though, I absolutely LOVE my Droid. It has been worth every penny and has so much functionality. Our latest thing has been to garage sale with it. Not only can I access Craigslist while we’re driving around (to see if anyone has posted any garage sales on it)….but I can type an address into my phone and Google Maps will navigate us to the address. It has taken garage-saleing to a whole new level!!

I have absolutely no regrets with this phone and can’t wait to see what they do with it next!