I had my post-op appointment last Friday and she said the pathology report confirmed that I did indeed have Adenomyosis.  Basically a condition that causes fibroids in the uterus, which makes the uterus enlarge. As a result of the surgery I have a flatter belly and have lost 2 pounds!  I wonder what other organs I can have removed!  =o)

And an interesting story:  my belly button is different.  Not that I expected it to be exactly the same since there would be an incision across it, but it’s totally different.  And I found out why!  At the post-op appointment  I made a comment to the doctor about it and she said that she thought I’d had my belly button pierced, so when she put me back together, she created a little “lip” or “dimple” as she called it- so that I could get it re-pierced and have the perfect spot for it!  Ha!  My belly button has never been pierced, although I had thought about doing that a few years ago, but decided I needed a much flatter firm belly.  Plus I was thinking of the future- is it really age appropriate?  How does a belly button piercing look on a 40 year old?  50 year old?  Anyway, funny that my doctor was thinking ahead and created a spot for a piercing!