Riley suddenly outgrew all her pants last month. One week they were all a bit long in length, the next week they were all too short! And these were old pants that she had been wearing for months. She is just over 7 years old and is already 52 inches tall!

Replacing the jeans was easy. Those come in Slim sizes, plus they have the adjustable waistbands, so I was able to stock up on several 8 Slim jeans for her from Old Navy and Target. Although I’m re-thinking Old Navy for jeans, as one tumble on concrete and the knees get worn through.

Next on the list of replacements was exercise pants or yoga pants. You know, stretchy pants that aren’t skin tight, leggings that are straight-legged or slightly flared.  We tried Target, Old Navy, Fred Meyer.   Even Goodwill!  Size 7 was too short. Size 8 was too big in the waist. We finally had success at Sears over the weekend and she picked out two pairs of yoga pants: black and heather gray.

Now we’re on to replacing the khakis and lightweight casual pants.

What drama this is turning out to be!

Maybe since we’re coming up on summer, I can pick up some khaki and white capris…. I can buy those in 6 or 7 to fit her waist.  They’ll just be a little shorter than intended, I guess.

There’s another problem with all of this…..

Brooke is not a “slim”. So most of Riley’s hand me downs don’t end up fitting Brooke the same way.  When she fits the waist, they are too too long. And if she fits the length, well they don’t button!