It feels so good to take the time to exercise…especially first thing in the morning when I don’t have to think about it the rest of the day, and I’m sure it kick-starts my metabolism. Yay!

This morning I walked 20 minutes again on the treadmill- steep incline, long strides, swinging my hips and arms again- feeling the pull of every long step. Got nice and sweaty! Then I finished that off with the Hip Hop Abs 5-minute abs workout- again nice and sweaty. Ick. Then another 5 minutes of stretching.

Today (Friday) is a packed day. Teri (my sub) is coming over with the directive that I treat myself with the time and not use it to run errands- so I made a reflexology appointment! One of my daycare families gave me a gift certificate and I’m so excited to experience it- never had a reflexology treatment before! I’m hoping to have enough time after to pick up lunch for the kiddos, then it’s back to work. After work Trevor has a basketball game. And we need to get ready for superbowl, too!