Yes, I got up at 5:00am on a Saturday. And we went to bed at 7:45 Friday night!

The long story: Trevor’s basketball team has been crushing their opponents with scores like 43-21 and 33-5 (those are the two I wrote down). Well our coach was talking with another coach, and he said that his team has also been playing like that, crushing their opponents. So they decided to get the boys together for a challenging “for fun” game. The game was Friday night (last night) at 6:00pm.

We got crushed. Their kids had excellent ball-handling skills and could dribble past anything. They were also very aggressive about stealing the balls from us. I believe the ending score was 40-something to 21 (??)

Trevor was devastated from the start.

We were home by 7:30 and decided that since Jim had to work at 5:30 (yes, on Saturday) and Trevor had such a busy afternoon (played basketball after school with some friends and a couple teachers), then his real game, and this morning he has a “When I’m in Charge” (home alone) class, followed by a swimming party for a friend’s birthday….we decided we should all go to bed! So we did.

I have a busy day today: I need to get Trevor off to his class, then come home for some last-minute cleaning and prep for an interview (I have an opening in my daycare- know anyone looking for care?), then I need to go back to Trevor’s class and participate in the last 1/2 hour, then go pick up a couple birthday gifts, then take Trevor to that party, then start getting ready for superbowl (grocery shopping, etc.)

So much to do, so little time.