Another productive morning!

Yesterday I slept in, unintentionally. And that was after going to bed early, too!

To make up for it, I walked on the treadmill last night while watching the season finale of LOST on DVR, so I would be ready for Tuesday night’s season premiere. Bedtime for us is 9:30 at the latest, so we didn’t get to watch the episode- we’ll watch it Wednesday night.

But I DID get up at 5:00am this morning. First thing I did was my Pilates workout DVD. Then I colored my hair again- the dark brown was fading, it had been 4 weeks (it’s semi-permanent haircolor, not permanent haircolor). Two minutes left on that then I will pop in the shower, get ready for work, vacuum my floors before the kidlets arrive and if I have any time left….Hmmmm….maybe I’ll just sit back and relax!