I’m sure you’ve been there…..it’s the middle of the night, your child’s bedding is soaked (for one reason or another) so you strip off the bedding and….

Do you re-make the bed in the middle of the night?
Or do you just spread something across the bed and put the child back to bed?
Or do you put the child on the floor with some blankets and deal with it in the morning?

I passed this tip along to one of my moms the other day and thought it would be good to post on my blog because I know every parent could benefit from it! And it serves many purposes:
– Babies who are prone to spitting up or having major diaper blowouts
– Kids who are potty training
– Kids who are ill (vomiting)

When you make the crib or bed, start out with a mattress pad, then put on your bottom (elastic edge) sheet. Cover that with a waterproof mattress pad. Cover that with another bottom sheet. Repeat if desired.

The result?

When your child wets the bed in the middle of the night (or vomits), you can strip off that sheet and the waterproof pad beneath it and have a fresh clean sheet all ready on the bed, ready for the child to immediately lay back down. Takes all of 10-15 seconds for a fresh bed!

I did this in the cribs- always had 3 layers of sheets on them. Then when the kids graduated to Twin size beds, I went out and bought twin-size waterproof pads to layer between sheets.

Works like a charm!