Thank you to a childhood friend of mine!

I had posted the fall pictures below on my Facebook page and received some great comments on them. But then someone suggested I try selling them on ETSY!

Why not, I thought?

I quickly added a scratch border to each picture, made two copies- one sepia and one black and white, then re-sized them to upload to ETSY.

Now they are available for purchase! I had no idea what to charge for a 12×12 print, so I shopped their site for similar prints and found that $24.99 seemed to be the average. We’ll see what happens!

If I’m lucky, one or two will sell and I’ll have some extra cash in my pocket. If I’m really lucky, I’ll sell a bunch of them! And if I’m not lucky, then I’m only out the $0.60 I paid to list them on the website. Time lost I won’t count, because I used the early minutes of naptime for it!

I’ll keep everyone posted!

To visit the ETSY website, click here