Yes, I will admit that I am a 36-year old woman obsessed with the whole Twilight series.  And this post might be a little embarassing, but it’s my ramble for the day anyway….

Here’s my story:

Jim and I were watching the news one day in early 2008 when they announced they were filming Twilight in Portland.  


Neither of us had heard of Twilight before, but Jim wanted to see the movie simply because it was a movie filmed locally.

The movie came out, I had totally forgotten about it.  I had read on facebook that some of my friends were at the first showing (at midnight) and I thought that was totally odd.  Again, no clue what the deal was.

I think the movie came out in November.

Late January, Jim and I decided for our anniversary we would go see a movie in the theater (something we almost never do).  He remembered that he wanted to see Twilight- so we went.  It was well past the height of popularity.  I still didn’t know what the hype was. 

The theater was relatively empty.  However, the people that were in there were mostly groups of teenage girls!  We were sitting in the back row- behind 4 of them.  They were so giddy before the movie, I hoped they would be quiet enough that we could hear the movie.

They did OK, until the lunchroom scene where Edward first appears on the screen- then they became screaming oogling giggly girls and Jim and I just looked at each other.  WHAT was that all about?

I personally thought the actor who played Edward was NOT attractive at all.  I wondered why all the girls were so goo-goo over him.  Whatever.

We enjoyed the rest of the movie…and then left the theater with a strange ‘wanting’.  We wanted to know what would happen next.  Could their relationship really work?  What would that be like? 

It was filmed in such a way that you felt like Bella…and you had the intense feelings that she has- someone so in love with you- someone so incredibly powerful- someone who could protect you against anything- feeling so safe knowing that nothing in the world could ever hurt you – yet knowing this same ‘boyfriend’ wants to kill you so badly (for your blood)- but he won’t.  It was a strange feeling.  And that started my obsession right then and there.

I knew the movie was based off a book, so I called one of my friends to see if she had it. I had to know what would happen next.  She kindly brought the first book over.  She asked if I wanted all four, but I told her I had not read a book from cover to cover in about 12 years, this was going to be yet another attempt, I should only keep the first one.

I could not put the book down.  I read the first book in just a couple days.  And then the second.  And the third and fourth.  And the online version of book 5 which was never published (Midnight Sun).  And all the ‘outtakes’ that the author published on her website.  I was consumed by it all.  I read everything in about 12 days.  Yes, it was a lot of late nights, early mornings and no dinner on the table.  I would read in the car instead of watching soccer practice.  It was a short period of neglect.

While reading the books, the feelings from the movie were even stronger.  I was Bella.  Edward was deeply in love with ME.  He was MY protector.  

So I was surprised when I bought the Twilight DVD and watched it, that I found Edward to be quite attractive!  Strange- he was so ugly to me before.  Now he’s hot!!   And let me clarify, I do not find the actor Robert Pattinson to be attractive.  Especially when he opens his mouth!  ha ha…but I do find Edward Cullen to be extremely attractive and I get that teenage girl giddy feeling when he appears on screen now, too!  (But I won’t scream in the theater, I promise).

I check a few websites on a daily basis for sneak peeks and clips of the next movie.  I can tell you that the 3rd movie has already wrapped up filming, and that they are starting the 4th movie in 2010.  The first one was filmed primarily in St Helens and Vernonia.  The 2nd and 3rd up in Vancouver BC.  The 4th is slated to film in the Portland area again.  And it will also be divided into 2  movies because there is SO much content in that 4th book.

So now that you know the story of how I became obsessed with Twilight…I’ll start posting some of the clips and articles I’ve found that are worth sharing.  One of these days I’ll figure out how to embed video…for now I can only supply links.  

Here are today’s “hot” finds:

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