As much as I enjoy the warm summer weather and longer days, I think Autumn is my favorite season. The colors are so amazing- the vibrant reds and yellows contrasting with the dark trees, the green grass, the foggy mornings- it’s so picturesque.

A couple weeks ago we had some family portraits taken outdoors at Dawson Creek Park in Hillsboro. The scenery was spectacular and I can’t wait to see how our pictures turned out (hint hint Stacy if you are reading this!!)

The colorful trees reflecting on the ponds were so beautiful…I’ve just been waiting for the opportunity to go back and snap some pictures.  I finally decided this morning was THE time, even though the trees probably wouldn’t have many leaves on them, I was determined to get what I could. 

My plan was to update my display frames that I keep in my front room. It’s a set of three black frames and this is how I populated 2 of them this Spring:

Spring Daffodil

Spring Tulip

I had gone out into my yard and snapped these pictures, adjusted the lighting and contrast on them, converted them to sepia, then uploaded them to where I added a fringe border and then printed them out in 12×12 to fill my frames….I LOVED how they turned out. 

I figured I’d do something similar for the Fall.  This is what I came up with:


Dark and Light


Along the path I found a dew-covered spiderweb that I could not resist snapping pictures of.  So the next set of three will be the ‘spooky’ pictures I’ll put out for the couple weeks leading up to Halloween. 



Misty Dead Trees



Now I just need to get these uploaded to Costco, add the fringe border, and populate my frames