Our campsiteWe had a wonderful Labor Day camping weekend in Naches WA at “Wonderland”. And it RAINED! That rarely ever happens in the Yakima Valley- it was like we were camping at the coast!

Nonetheless, the kids had a blast. We didn’t let the rain slow us down too much. We spent time at the pool on Saturday and Sunday (yes, in the rain, because you’re already wet, right?). The kids rode their bikes, played ladder ball, went to the playground, threw rocks in the river, and of course spent some time in the trailer playing Mario and watching movies.

I had to laugh when we went into a local fruit market wearing our raincoats- the guy commented that we were well prepared for the weather. I explained that we were from the Portland area and that we were camping- that we’re used to the rain!

Anyway, it was another good camping weekend. This marked our 3rd camping trip of the summer…we have one more to go!

Labor Day