Since our sunny vacation is coming up, and I plan to wear my flip-flops for part of that time, I decided it was time to get my Spring Pedicure.  I thought it would be fun to make it a “date” with Riley and do a girls night out with pedicures and shopping!

Riley commented, “It’s like that song, Mom!  The Kesha song that says ‘Pedicure on my toes, toes, Tryin’ on all my clothes, clothes’  We’re doing that song, mom!”  (click here for the TikTok Clip)

She picked out RED for her color, which surprised me, and she got to sit in a smaller sized spa-pedicure chair with a poofy bear-head “pillow” and attached DVD player- they turned on a movie for her.  She thought it was great!  I think she was a little nervous at first being the only child there, but she felt at ease when a group of four 8-year old girls showed up for a birthday party celebration.  The mom had purchased them all matching T-shirts and bought them all a pedicure (or manicure- their choice) and the girls were just beaming from ear to ear.  So now you know what WE will be doing some day down the road!

Her pedicure was only $15 and included a foot soak, light scrubbing, nail trimming and cleaning, short & light massage, nail painting and they went all out and painted a design and attached some tiny emeralds.  Riley thought that was EXTRA special!  I really love the Gorgeous Nails salon!

Before we left the house we looked for a pair of flip-flops for her, knowing she’d need them for after the pedicure, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any.  The salon gave her some (cheesy) foam sheet slippers to wear to protect her new pretty nails.  She was thoroughly embarrassed, so we went straight to Old Navy to pick out some new flip-flops and promptly tossed the cheesy one’s into the trash.

Riley says she enjoyed the experience and wants to do it again some day.  And I’m sure we will….I have a feeling we’ll be there for her birthday.