First day at preschool!
First day at preschool!
So today was Brooke’s “official” first day of Preschool. Except that class was only an hour long. My mom came over to sub for the daycare so I could take Brooke (and Luke) to their first day.

It was almost like Brooke knew the morning routine- she took off her backpack and went straight for her cubby (cutting in front of the 3 other kids who were waiting). I didn’t realize this until the teacher started unloading her stuff, oops! Brooke told me she wanted to go to class “all by herself” so she got her picture taken and went right in, found some horses to play with and started her day!

I hung out in the hallway chatting with a couple of moms, peeking in occasionally. She (and Luke) were playing just fine- so I left.

When I came back, I waited upstairs and chatted with the Preschool Director for a few minutes, when she spotted the classroom walking single-file, VERY QUIETLY, down the hall towards the lobby. Brooke was first in line, looking a bit nervous until she saw me, then she smiled her ‘proud’ smile.

I was one of the first parents to pick up. On the ride home, I asked Brooke and Luke how their first day of school was. They both replied, “Good”. Then Brooke said they practiced being quiet….and she “zzzzzip” zipped her lip. I asked them if they practiced zipping their lips and they both said yes. Guess that was really fun!?

But then Brooke started telling me about a spider. I asked if it was a real spider or a toy spider or a pretend spider from a book. Luke said it was REAL. Brooke said it was behind some shelves or a bookcase or something. Then she says, in a very excited voice,

“Mom, the spider was crawling on the girl’s leg! We stepped on it and killed it. Then we cleaned it up and put it in the garbage!”

She pauses for a few seconds. Then she looks over at Luke and says, “That wasn’t so bad Lucas, was it?!?”

I just started laughing. I couldn’t tell if she meant the spider incident or the time spent at preschool? I assumed it was the day in general. The dynamic between these two kids is simply hilarious, the way they talk to each other. It’s going to be a great school year for them.