Let me preface this by saying I have no idea how “healthy” or “un-healthy” Johnny’s is- I no longer have the original container with the label, so this may not be for everyone! I’m sure it’s packed with sodium, seeing as how it’s a “seasoning salt”.

I was turned onto Johnny’s around age 18 or 19.  A friend’s mom used it when she made her skillet potatoes.  I loved her skillet potatoes.  I learned how to make them, and still make them to this day!  When I bought my first jar of Johnny’s, that was pretty much all I used it for. 

My second re-introduction was one of Jim’s friends.  I can’t remember what it was that he was making, but I asked him how he made it and his response, “Johnny’s”.

And one time at a BBQ, I bit into the most delicious hamburger I’d ever eaten at a BBQ….and the secret ingredient- it was sprinkled with Johnny’s prior to grilling!

Johnny’s is now a kitchen staple at our house.  When we go camping, or go to the beach for the weekend, I always take the following items with us: salt (preferably sea salt), pepper, johnny’s, garlic powder, cinnamon.  As long as I have those 5 ingredients I can make a variety of things taste good with very little effort.

Here are my favorite simple ways to use Johnny’s:

Skillet Potatoes (recipe below)

Potato fries, sliced red potatoes (home-made chips)

Jazzy Mashed Potatoes (recipe below)

Sprinkled on hamburger patties before cooking

Sprinkled on chicken before cooking (grill recipe below)

Sprinkled on any kind of meat before cooking!!

Let me know how you use it- and what you think if you haven’t tried it before!



Cut 3-4 large potatoes into 1″ cubes
Add a splash of olive oil to a skillet on medium heat
Add some chopped onion and saute
Add the potatoes
Sprinkle heavily with Johnny’s seasoning and stir to coat
Cover the pan to speed up the cooking, removing the lid to stir occasionally
(I find this usually takes about 15 minutes)
Remove lid, let potatoes brown- stir occasionally (gently)
(Great for breakfast OR dinner!)



(I’m sure these are fairly high in sodium by the time I’m done!)

4 large potatoes
2T butter*
½ t. pepper (YES, pepper)
½ t. Johnny’s Seasoning
½ t. Garlic Salt
Dallop of sour creamAdd milk (start with 1/8 cup), butter and seasonings.  Use a hand mixer to beat/whip the potatoes and make them creamy smooth.  Whip for five or more minutes for superior fluffiness.

Prepare mashed potatoes as normal (drain water, mash potatoes by hand).

Special Notes:  Avoid using too much milk or potatoes will be runny. Start with just a little, then add more as needed.  
* Molly McButter (butter flavored powder) can be substituted for real butter to reduce the fat in the recipe. 



This has been a no-fail recipe for me so far!  And it’s so easy, too!

Rinse and dry chicken pieces.  Sprinkle each piece with Johnny’s.  Put on a heated grill (I’ve used both a gas grill on medium-low,  and my Traeger grill on medium) and cook until done.  In my experience, it usually takes 20 minutes per side.  Obviously grills and temperatures on grills vary.  My grill is non-stick, so if yours isn’t, be sure to coat your rack with PAM.  Also, both of the grills I have use indirect heat, so the chicken can’t catch fire or burn.  Regardless, this is a super easy way to cook chicken and it comes out delicious! 

The result- crispy skin, and extra juicy chicken.  I even sprinkle it on skinless chicken breasts and they come out just as crispy and juicy!