WOW it’s been a whole year since Brooke had this party and I just realized I never shared the details!  Better late than never, right? Sadly, this won’t be the full version I originally intended…. but I still want to share the ins-and-outs of this fun party theme!


I’m cheap.  I also love to design things.  And, I love scrapbooking.  So I combined all three of those into ONE- by using my Panstoria Artisan scrapbooking software to create a 4×6 size invitation that I could upload to a local photo printing shop (Walgreens, Target, etc.) where I picked up the prints an hour later and then Brooke handed them out to her guests! invite2


The next step was to plan activities that were “puppy” related.  I actually tried to find a litter of puppies to have as guests for the girls to pet and play with, but no such luck. The next best thing- a litter of stuffed animal puppies. 20140510_150602 I’ve never been a fan of party favor bags, but I am a fan of creating something that the girls can take home (see this post).  I ordered a bunch of Ty stuffed puppies online and that set the stage for our “Puppy Shop”: PhotoGrid_1400351870649 The girls got to pick out a puppy: 20140517_105814 Then give it a bubble bath: IMG_9446 Each puppy got a new fancy hair bow (Dollar Tree!!): 20140516_133926 And the girls could choose a custom collar (simple ribbon that I cut and added snaps to): 20140516_133915 And of course they got to pick a nametag: 20140516_133920 And finally, fill out an Adoption Certificate, complete with a puppy paw stamp: 20140517_105806 certificate The result: IMG_9438


Keeping it simple…. I filled picture frames with ‘dog’ themed wrapping paper, made my own garland and for our serving dishes and bowls I picked up dog dishes from the Dollar Tree! PhotoGrid_1400273756023


OK, that was a little hard to come up with!  I had purchased dog bowls to use as serving bowls, and wanted to fill them with snacks that looked like dog food. 20140517_105857 “Scooby Snacks” from Target (those were quite hard to find!): 20140517_105833 And trying to think of other foods that look like dog food but taste good- well Whoppers is a no-brainer….. 20140517_105845 We also made “puppy chow” aka Muddy Buddies or Monkey Munch depending on where you live.  Basically it’s Chex tossed with peanut butter and chocolate and rolled in powdered sugar. 20140517_105839 Some red licorice as toy ropes: 20140517_105824 And because I hate it when kids open drinks and misplace them…. I made custom labels for the water bottles so they could write their name on their bottle! 20140516_133907 Here’s what the typical “dog dish” looked like: IMG_9432 And here’s the typical method of eating said food: IMG_9440 THE DESSERT

Brooke originally wanted an ice-cream cake.  Then that turned into cupcakes.  So I got the brilliant idea of making our own ice-cream cupcakes: IMG_20140517_1411420 The decoration on top was meant to be just that…. a decoration.  But instead the girls decided to use that as a handle and eat them upside down! 20140517_14245000 20140517_1424460 Details on how I made these Ice-Cream cupcakes can be found here.