I’m sure some day I’ll hear from my daughter regarding this post…. after all she is turning 10 and still frequently wets the bed.  We’ve found that she just sleeps super hard.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I’ve heard about all the “tried and true” methods to teach your child to NOT wet the bed, but I like my sleep.

An interesting note, though- we have learned that if she wears a pull-up to bed, she has an increased chance of wetting the bed.  If she just wears underwear….she tends to wake up before wetting, or wake up just as she starts.  So I DO think there is a mental piece in there- an awareness of whether or not it’s OK to wet (pull-up).

But anyway- I’ve always made my kids’ beds this way.  Remember, I like my sleep.  If the child pukes or barfs or pees or poops their bedding….and it’s the middle of the night….I’m not about to REMAKE A BED from scratch.  Instead, I just pull off the fitted sheet and underlayer and voila!  Bed is still made.

The series goes something like this….

Mattress Pad, then waterproof hospital pad, then sheet, then mattress pad, then waterproof hospital pad, then sheet, repeat.

















And there you have it.  Yes, it is a BEAR to make from the bottom up…..but if she has a bed-wetting accident she simply tears off the sheet and waterproof pad and mattress pad- wads it all up into a ball, sets it outside her door and climbs back into bed.  In the morning she just pulls her sheets up as usual and straightens her bedspread and her bed is made.  I do the wash and put the clean set in a spot in her room for the weekend when we re-make her bed.

It’s a system that works for us, doesn’t draw attention to her, and she feels good and I get a whole night’s sleep!

(I suppose the extra mattress pad isn’t a necessary step, but we do it to help camouflage the feeling of the square pads under the sheets)