It’s super easy, cleans up quick, and doesn’t stink up the house or leave bacon splatters all over the place!  This is now our Go-To method of cooking bacon.  Problem is, we rarely cook bacon, so when I need to I have to find the directions again….Elisa’s Ramblings to the rescue!

It so simple….

1) Line a cookie sheet with foil, making a slight lip along every edge (to contain the bacon grease).

2) Lay the bacon slices on the foil.  (If you have a lot of bacon, it’s OK if they touch or overlap slightly.)


3) Put the tray into the oven (cold oven).  Turn the oven on to 400-degrees and set a timer for 18 minutes.

Perfection every time!

Immediately remove the bacon from the cookie sheet and set on paper towels to drain.  (For crisper bacon put those paper towels on a wire rack for more air exposure).

And clean up is soooo simple!  Simply wait for the bacon grease to harden on the foil, then fold the foil up and toss.  Your cookie sheet should still be clean (of course you will wash it anyway, right?).

So bacon grease splatters, reduced bacon smell, easy clean-up, and perfectly crisp/chewy bacon!