So this is what the Master Bathroom looked like on day one:


Well, not exactly.  Cuz the owners came back and stole the mirror!  (And left behind a bunch of drywall damage in the process).

Anyway- it’s a sterile, boring, nasty looking bathroom (with those darn funky centered knobs- and what’s up with the drawer knobs??).

The shower is the original shower from 1978- same glass doors even.


Look at how dirty the shower is!  And check out the wall above it:


Mold and mildew and pink- not sure if it’s pink mold or pink paint!

Anyway, the bathroom really needs an upgrade.  EVENTUALLY it would be nice to remove the shower stall and build a nice stone tile surround shower with frameless doors.  Like this:


But that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.  Actually, it might never happen since this is a rental house and not OUR house.  Anyway, we have to manage with what we have.

Which basically leaves us with paint.  I loved how the 5745 house turned out….


I love the ORB’d accessories and dark tan walls with white cabinets and woodwork….why not do it here, too?

Except that while wandering Costco we saw this:


A whole bathroom accessory set for under $25.00!  It’s brushed nickel, not the ORB or black finish I was looking for…..but I can live with that.  Not pictured is the 2nd towel rod AND a glass shelf!

After several days of scrubbing the shower…


And switching out the broken cloudy gross shower knob with a fresh new one….


And scrubbing and bleaching the wall above the shower…..and painting the whole room tan….


And repainting the cabinets and replacing the hardware…actually adding HANDLES to the drawers:


And replacing the window shade, actually the whole window box due to severe warping from water damage, and installing a new light fixture and new mirror….and hiring someone to come do the final cleaning:



Here’s the new Master Bathroom!


And because I like before and afters…..









We had friends tour the house the first couple days after we bought it- and one replied with “yeah, I’d take that shower out, it’s gross and I wouldn’t be able to use this bathroom” and the other replied with “you need to fix this one up- clean it and paint it- it’s too sterile”.

Both LOVE the new look and would love to have that bathroom!