So it’s MONDAY– and I get an email from the renters that they want to move in a day early- on Thursday!  EEK!  In theory we should have everything done before then anyway, except maybe hauling the trash and yard debris off site, so I left her a message indicating as such and told her yes- they could move in a day early!

Monday I had Jory here for a few hours, so I went over and detailed the floors.  There was some double-stick carpet tape residue that would NOT come off, that I finally was able to loosen and scrape off using Home Depots “magic” product that they use to remove price stickers from their giant orange racks.  It’s THIS:

Yeah, it’s AIR FRESHENER!!  Works like a charm, though!

I also went around and scraped up any paint drips or splatters.  I had asked the cleaning company if they would take care of that, and they said it depended on how many splatters or drips there were….so I took matters into my own hands.

Jim worked on getting the dryer duct hooked up- but didn’t have the right connection to finish the job.  It was under-the-house work, so no fun.

We worked pretty late that night.  The latest weeknight yet!  Didn’t leave there until 9:30!

TUESDAY we met after work again- Jim’s task was to fix the last couple outlets and the dryer duct dealio.  My task was to shampoo the living room carpet and the purple room carpet- those are the only rooms that we didn’t replace carpet in.  I stopped at Bi-Mart to pick up a Rug Doctor around 5:45pm and had the job done by 8pm.  Mom came over and vacuumed all the rooms, starting with the living room so I could focus on that room first.

When we were done, we emptied everything from the inside of the house- the cleaners will be there on Wednesday before I get off work, and I wanted to have every room completely empty and clear for them.

We brought home more ‘stuff’…..hopefully there’s only one more big load left.  We really tend to move in and take over every room when we renovate these homes!

WEDNESDAY the cleaners called around 3:30 to say they’d be done in a half hour!  Wha????   I wasn’t expecting them to even be there until almost 4pm~ My mom happened to be here, so she stayed a bit longer to cover the daycare so I could run over and check their work and pay them.  The showers/tub look brand spankin’ new!  They were working on the kitchen and light fixtures when I arrived, and said they still needed to do the floors.  I didn’t have a chance to go back over after work (girls had karate belt testing and Wednesdays I work late).

Jim went over, though, and emptied the garage and swept the garage.  He moved the trash trailer over to the far wall and covered it with a roll of carpet padding so we can pick it up Saturday morning to haul out of there to the dump.  He made a small pile of recycling and another small pile of Lowe’s returns so I can pick those up after work and take them home.

I got a message from the tenants that they were not able to leave a day early as planned, so won’t be arriving until sometime Friday as originally planned.  That’s fine.

THURSDAY I wanted to take detailed pictures and make a video, but needed daylight for that, so Jory came over just after 11:00am to cover daycare for me.

FRIDAY we did a final run through and completed our checklist and documentation.

SATURDAY the tenants moved in!  Yippee!!