Saturday was another snow day- we had 5″ by bedtime Friday night and woke up Saturday to another inch or so.   It doesn’t snow around here…. like hardly ever, so it’s a really big deal.

While I’d love to have another snow day at home with the kids, we only have 3 weekends to finish the house, so we had to suck it up and go work.  We headed over to the rental house about 9:45am.  The drive was nice- easy, not slick at all, powdery snow.  And so pretty!


But this is what the front of the house looks like.  WTH????


It’s crying dirty tears!!   NOBODY else….and I mean NOBODY else had anything like this.  Only one other house had a few icicles on it, the rest- none!  And ours are brown?  Really?


It’s embarassing!!!!   We think it’s because the gutters are so full of dirt and debris (from the roof cleaning) and they are rusted through, too.  Thank goodness we are getting new gutters installed in a couple weeks!  Yuck!  (People were telling me I should run out and spray paint the icicles white- quickly!)

Anyway- I had to turn around and leave right after we got there- we needed a gallon of paint for today’s project list and I had called ahead to Miller paint to pre-order it so we could pick it up on our way TO the house, but they needed to see the bucket for some reason (two different formulas I guess).  So I left Brooke with Jim (in case I ended up getting stranded on the way to/from).  But no worries- it was smooth sailing.  The PERFECT kind of snow driving.  And it was so beautiful!


Back at the house Jim cleaned the kitchen ceiling.  When I got back, he used the new paint to finish coating the master bedroom with it’s first coat.

My first task was to paint the main bathroom so we could reseat the toilet.  I used the same paint that I chose for the kitchen and family room.  When I started applying it to the bathroom I was NOT a fan.  It’s horrible! It doesn’t look bad in this picture, but in real life it looks very “peach”.  So 80’s, er 90’s.


I helped Jim seat the toilet, but the water connection was the wrong size so the toilet is still out of commission.

My next focus was painting all the yellow walls with the new beige color.  I started out with just cutting-in around all the edges.  It took me FOREVER.  Hours.  Ugh, it was horrible.


And I couldn’t reach the top of the vaulted walls, even with the tall ladder!  Thankfully, I have a tall husband….so he did the very top for me!


I left mid-day to go to the hardware store and get some hoses to fix the toilet, and grab lunch.    It had continued to snow all morning/day and it was a little bit slick, but still not bad.  I actually enjoy driving in the snow and would have gone on any errand needed- happily!

We ended the evening with 2 coats of paint on the kitchen and family room walls….all the way up to the tippy top of the vaulted ceiling!  I started to paint the loft walls, but ran out of paint.


Jim spent his day installing tack strips (there’s never been carpet in the attic room, and the loft bedroom was installed ON TOP OF THE CARPET so we needed to put tack strips in both rooms). His next job was cleaning/scraping all the trim that had been removed from the walls, so we can paint it easily.

It was a full day.  10am – 8pm.  20 hours total.

When we got home, there was about 1/4″ thick layer of ice on top of the snow….total accumulation of 6″.


Sunday the roads were a little slick since it was below freezing, but we have limited time to get the house finished!!  We HAD to go over there.  The roads weren’t as bad as they were reporting on the news, but we didn’t want to chance any unnecessary driving (like going to the paint store or hardware store, or grabbing lunch) so we just rearranged our priorities for the day.  We got there at 10:30.

I spent most of my time touch-up painting all three bedrooms (plus the loft and attic bonus room) with the tan paint- until I effectively used up every last drop.  I even managed to put a single coat on the Master Bathroom!  I’ll need to go pick up another gallon- so I can finish the bathroom, and also so we’ll have touch-up paint.

Here’s a sneak peek at the Master Bath:


I just LOVE the warm tan color.

Next on my list was to do any touch-ups with the beige paint in the Family Room/Kitchen.  So now that painting is done:


And I hate the color.  It looks nice with the floor (which is how I chose the color), but it’s just so “peach” to me.  Ugh.  Jim says I can paint it a different color, but um, no.  Painting this room has been The Worst.  Ugh.  So. Tired. Of. Painting.

In the kitchen, the color looks great!


And the same color in the main bathroom- hate it:


I needs a couple more coats and I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it yet.  I could paint the same color as the master bathroom (the dark tan) or find a gray toned beige- or ‘green’ toned to match the tub surround a little better.  Or just add the second coat and call it good.  I just hate it.

While I worked on the painting wrap-ups, Jim scrubbed all the doors and window sills and trim to prep for painting.

We also did some minor adjustments to the doors- some weren’t closing perfectly.

We only worked until 4:30.  Total hours worked between the two of us = 12