Here’s a fun photo tour for you…

When my family moved out of the 4100 house in 1992, this is what the staircase looked like:

image_2012_6_7_0004(rev 1)

Glossy dark brown stained railing, dark brown fluffy carpet.  Ignore the kitty-clawed bottom step.

The day we got the 4100 house back, THIS is what that same staircase looked like:


The railing has been painted white, there’s old nasty blue berber carpet, and brown rubber bumpers on the bottom few steps.


We promptly ripped off the carpet and were pleased to find bullnose treads!


And the staircase was painted gray!?  Hmmmm……

I kept going…pulling more carpet, realizing that we would have a bajillion staples to remove when we are done:


And after ripping off all the carpet and pulling the bajillion nails and staples, this is what it looked like:


Since the treads were bullnose, and previously painted, we decided we would just patch up and repaint the staircase to look similar to this:


Quick math for that project:

HOURS of sanding             $10
HOURS of spackling         $10
HOURS of sanding             $10
Dark paint                              $35
Shellac (??)                            $20
Primed Risers                       $110
or MORE HOURS of sanding, spackling, sanding to make them smooth (they are plywood)
Trim for each step              $40
White paint                            $35
30+ Hours                             $270

Do I think it would look really fabulous and worth it in the end?  You betcha!  BUT….. it’s going to be a lot of work.


Some of the treads are in really bad shape, I’m not going to replace them, and I’m not going to do the required amount of sanding or stripping to get them in smooth and perfect shape.

And the risers?  Well, it’s just nasty plywood:


I can buy covers for them, though.  And we’ll trim the tops and bottoms of each riser for a more finished look.  But there’s still gaps on the sides….



The amount of work it would take to make this staircase eyepopping gorgeous……..


Yeah.  Not happening.  We got our carpet bid this week and learned it’ll cost about $200 to recarpet the stairs.    ZERO work on our part- just pay the bill.  So less cost, less work- we’re SOLD!

The carpet has been chosen and ordered- stay tuned!