Friday my sub was available starting at 11am, so I grabbed Trevor and we went to the 4100 house.  The intent was to work on those stupid quote stickers, but Baltazar’s crew was there taping off everything so they could texture the walls and paint the family room ceiling.  We left.

Trevor and I headed to a local custom cabinet place (behind the movie theater)…no luck there, so we headed to Cornelius to talk to “Mike’s Custom Cabinets”.  He couldn’t help us either, but suggested we go to F & C Custom Cabinets.  So Trevor and I went on our merry way to find them….stopping at the Cornelius (or maybe it was Forest Grove?) Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.  No luck there either.

Long story short (cuz frankly I’m tired and want to go to bed), the guy has a HUGE workshop there where they can make A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G out of wood.  Wow.  He said he thought he could make a nearly identical cabinet for me, finished ready-to-paint, for about $518.  He’s so serious about his measurements and work that he wants to come see where it will go and how it will fit, etc.  So he’s planning on doing that on Monday, said it will take about a week or 1.5 weeks to build it.  Very impressive shop.  Not so impressive of a price, but if we want it to match, we’re kinda stuck.

This is the drawer face that has been giving us all this trouble:


Around 3:30 Baltazar called to say his crew was done, texturing was done, he was ready for me to inspect the work and pay him his big bucks.  I just love the work he does.

It’s hard to see the detail, but he retextured the WHOLE master bedroom, the WHOLE main bathroom, the WHOLE second bedroom, several spots in the kitchen, and obviously the loft room and hallway.  I left after I paid him.


Next stop- Miller Paint to pick up our paint.


These don’t look the same on the screen as they do in real life…. but our last rental house we painted EVERY WALL the “Felt” color.  The 4100 house has tile flooring in the kitchen and family room- about the same exact color as the “felt” so that won’t work in those two rooms.  We’ve decided to paint them a few shades lighter, but still the same tone.  “Sandbox” is what we chose (although on my computer screen here it looks very yellow).

The dining room and living room and hallway will be painted the same color they are now- a Martha Stewart olive/moss/apple/puke green.


So here’s the color palette for this house:


Back at 6:30 to tackle those stupid quote stickers again!  I had sprayed them twice Thursday with that citrus spray so figured we’d fire up the steamer and see what happens.


Well, this is as good as they get:


Jim walked around the house and took out every single nail and screw, pounding through any protruding drywall screw thingies (brain not working, you know those plastic things you use when you aren’t screwing into a stud?).  He spackled every hole and then we called it a night.

Since we still don’t have hot water, we can’t dive into wall scrubbing or painting or any deep cleaning of any type.

OH- the prospective tenants want to see the place on Saturday!

Saturday morning kicked off early…. carpet measuring guy, Stacy, was there at 8am.  He wasn’t able tot ell us the price difference between the various “wrap” options for staircases, but did offer some suggestions.  We are really hoping to NOT have to put carpet on the stairs.

I spent my time trying to get walls ready to paint- starting with the attic room.  I sanded the quote stickers one last time, then primered over them with the gray-tinted BIN primer that blocks EVERYTHING.  Then I did a second coat of primer, then another sanding, then sprayed them with texture.


I also sprayed anything else I could find that needed spray texture.


Went through a full can in the attic room and a full can in the Family Room!  While I waited for that to dry, we started washing walls.  Jory came over and helped us for a couple hours.  We got ALL the walls washed, except for the kitchen and family room.  Jory left, my mom and dad came over and brought Brooke with them….gave us lunch, then after they left Brooke and I got started painting closets!  This is something we usually wait to do last, but we weren’t ready to start any big painting projects (still no hot water) so we opted for closets to use up an old gallon of paint that I had sitting around.  They are now a gorgeous warm beige color.  Tremendous improvement!



At that point the prospective renters stopped by for a quick tour.  Nothing special to report on that- they took home an application and a copy of the lease agreement to review and said they’d let me know in 3 days if they want to rent it.  We still haven’t officially advertised it yet.

Jim cleaned the kitchen cabinets and traded out the broken drawer guides.  I grabbed my gallon of white BIN primer and painted over all the textured areas in the attic room, the blue walls in the first bedroom, two coats of primer on the ceiling in the bathroom (pink sponge-painted ceiling- um……. uh……??).  


Meanwhile, the hot water heater was getting hooked up and Jory came over again, this time bringing Riley and one of Riley’s friends- so the 4 of them (including Brooke) started to paint the attic room.  


When that was done they started the loft room.

By the end of the night we had finished the attic room….


It makes the room look so much smaller, which is probably a GOOD thing- lol!  I think it makes it look so much more cozy and livable.

By the end of Saturday night, we had the attic room 100% done and 2 coats of paint on 3 of the walls in the loft room (one wall still needs a second coat).


Sunday was Superbowl- and we had our annual party, so no time to work on the house.  We did head out early and pick up a used range that a friend was selling.  Came back, hooked it up and cleaned it and tested it to make sure it works.  Yay for a nice-looking and working range!  (sorry, no pic yet!)

We discovered a leak under the kitchen sink- turns out the connection for hot water is leaking.  Jim will replace those pieces and probably go through and replace several others throughout the house as a preventative measure.  Having hot water sure is nice!

Before we left for the day, Jory arrived to spend a few hours working….and I handed her a list of priorities:

– painting the ceilings in the 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
– cleaning the kitchen and family room walls to prep for painting
– cleaning the kitchen ceiling- and painting it
– painting the green walls
– painting the stair rail

She spent about 4 hours over there, got the stair rail painted and all the green walls painted!  Yay!