I know some of you are viewing this like a TV series- wanting to know what happens next!

Here’s the wrap-up from Week 3:


Trevor missed ONE checkmark, and I would have let him get away with it, but as soon as he realized it, he immediately found the poem book and memorized a poem.  BEFORE telling me that he missed a mark.  The task he missed: dog poop.  And that’s because he chose to do a karate class after school, which meant he wouldn’t be home during daylight hours.   I wasn’t going to make him pick up poop at night.  I was going to give him a free pass on that one, but since he took the initiative to memorize a poem, I let him.

Here he is reciting his uber-short Shel Silverstein poem:

Both older kids earned their full allowance!

Brooke only missed 2 checkmarks (which would have been a $2.00 allowance).  The “Tablet Time” incentive seems to be working really well!  (See previous post)  She lost her Tablet Time for Friday, but since she didn’t miss 3 marks for the week she got to have it all weekend!

The next allowance/chore chart is already hanging on the fridge ready for this next week!