The picture on the left is without mascara or anything- just my bare naked lashes.  The picture on the right is with one coat of mascara and one coat of Fiber Lashes.   It’s not really a fair “before and after” picture because mascara already makes a huge difference with my lashes.  So let’s look at these “before and after” sequences:


I have to say- I’m surprised at how much the regular mascara curls and lengthens my lashes! (It’s the L’Oreal Voluminous Original in black)

The instructions for the Fiber Lashes says to apply one coat of regular masacara, let it dry, then apply one coat of the Fiber Lashes Gel, and then quickly apply the Fibers.  The Gel is just like regular mascara- a black liquid substance.  The Fibers on the other hand…. well, look at the wand!


It’s like chopped up black dyed cotton balls or something!  Serious FIBERS.  Little tiny hair-like fibers! (I had a small clump fall into my eye when I applied it- wasn’t difficult to get out, but still- this wand is covered with little fuzzy fibers so it’s a little tricky to apply)

I applied one coat and could see a difference.  (I did not apply this to my lower lashes)


I applied thin coats because frankly, the fibers scared me.  Especially when one “chunk” fell into my eye!  Plus, I’m working today and don’t need totally glamorous eyes.  The second coat was only applied to the base of my upper lashes (not the whole length) because they are already long enough!  

I don’t really see a huge difference between one coat or two, but I’m sure if I applied thicker coats there would be a bigger difference.

My opinion: for this being my first time using the product, I am happy with the result.   This isn’t a product I would wear on a daily basis (due to the expense and that it’s not available in stores)…so I will probably only use the product a couple times a week.  It does have great reviews for durability and longevity- your lashes should look the same all day long- no need to reapply!  And I’m sure with practice it will be easier to apply.  Next time, though, I’m going to go all out and apply thicker coats, maybe even 2 or 3 coats.  I’ll post an updated picture when I do!


UPDATE:   Today I used the Fiber Lashes without applying mascara first- I think it goes on a lot better.  It really makes your lashes LONG!  (I used regular mascara on my lower lashes).  Here’s the comparison for you:


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