Between Friday 9/6 after work and Wednesday 9/11 at 12:30pm, I had personally spent over 50 hours at the house cleaning and painting and sanding and filling and spackling and texturing and…..and….and…

Jim has spent almost as much time tearing out carpet and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and repairing trim and…and…and…

But we haven’t really touched the house since Wednesday noonish.  After work that night we went to Costco and picked up 5 boxes of kitchen backsplash tile….delivered those to the house and while Jim unloaded them, I sprayed a couple squirts of spray texture- and that was all we did. Home and in bed by 8:30!  EXHAUSTED.

Thursday we didn’t set foot in there at all- except me popping in at 6:15am to pick up my grubby clothes to bring home to wash!  It was back-to-school night and HOA meeting night…and we felt like we deserved a night off.

And that brings us to today- Friday the 13th.  Unfortunately we have a couple events this weekend which impair our ability to get much accomplished, so we’re going to have to work extra hard to accomplish what we can, starting the minute we both get off work (except to shuttle the girls to/from karate).

On the docket for this weekend:

  • Primering the 2 smaller bedroom closet door jambs so they can be painted white
  • Sanding the cabinet boxes in the kitchen so they can be ready for their final coats of paint
  • Applying the final coat (or 2nd to final coat) of paint to the cabinet boxes
  • Applying a 2nd coat of paint to the cabinet door backsides
  • Primer painting all the retextured wall areas
  • Get the kids painting the closet interiors
  • Take the doors off the bedrooms- paint the door jambs
  • Paint the floor trim in every room

Our goal is that next week and the following weekend we can get serious about painting all the rooms (living, dining, bedrooms, hall, master bathroom, etc.).

It’s hard to see the changes in the kitchen from day to day since it’s just painting the cabinets and boxes over and over and over again…. but here’s a couple shots for ya.  I did paint a primer bonding coat over the kitchen tile backsplash because we are going to cover it (rather than remove it).

The kitchen walls will also be painted a lighter color- either a beige or the same color cream as the cabinets.  Undecided on that at the moment.



Look at how glossy the cabinets are now!


The paint is supposed to be bisque to match the appliances, but I think it looks a little lighter:


And this is the giant bonus room which is now my “office” where I paint all my cabinet doors and drawer fronts.



Here’s a couple shots of the interior- carpet has been pulled, floor squeaks fixed, holes patched and retextured…..ready for paint!



Yes, we are leaving those walls red!

So there’s your pre-weekend update…. it might be a while before another update rolls out!