Saturday (day 1):  doors and drawers removed, cabinet boxes scrubbed clean


Sunday (day 2): boxes sanded and primered with two coats


Monday (day 3): holes and gouges filled and sanded (boxes, cabinet doors and drawers), one final coat of primer on all the cabinet doors, ‘finish’ sanding with 220-grit.

Tuesday (day 4): The backsplash was painted with a bonding coat (we’re installing a new backsplash when this is all done).  Cabinet boxes and drawer fronts were painted with the first coat of their new color (Miller Paint Evolution “Polar White”).


Wednesday (day 5):  Sanded the cabinet boxes and drawer fronts with 220 grit sandpaper.  Applied second coat of Evolution paint.

Thursday (day 6): purchased backsplash material.

Friday (day 7): scrubbed all the hinges clean (I’d soaked them in dishsoap water and it turned the finish into a goo, so I had to boil them all in baking soda water to really loosen the finish, then scrub each one with a scotch-brite pad to completely remove the finish.  They are now shiny brass hinges, not oil rubbed bronze looking any more.)  That evening I spray painted the hinges with Oil Rubbed Bronze paint, one light coat.  I also fine sanded the cabinet boxes and cabinet door backs with 400-grit sandpaper, caulked the edges where they meet the walls (and filled in a couple gaps).  I also removed the two small tiles by the window jamb, spackled the wall, textured the wall, textured the ceiling area above the sink (soffet), and painted the window trim/jamb.  (We worked until midnight that night!)

Saturday (day 8): painted the cabinet boxes and cabinet door backs with their final coat.  Note to self….400-grit sand paper leaves the surface TOO smooth, it was hard to keep the roller rolling!  I do not recommend 400-grit again.  Stick with the 220-grit.  Painted the window jamb/trim and the newly textured wall where the tile was removed.


Sunday (day 8): plan to paint the backsides of the 6 cabinet doors that haven’t been done yet (space restrictions).  They’ll need 2 coats.  All the cabinet door backsides will need to cure for 5 days before I can turn them over to paint the fronts.

Next up in the kitchen:  start trimming the cabinet doors/drawers with the shaker pieces.  Paint the kitchen walls (color TBD, thinking cream or tan).  Skim the soffets (or cover with veneer to match the cabinets).  Install backsplash.  Recover countertops.