Some people have big balls……

Some people have little balls……

One thing’s for sure-

Everyone’s got balls!


Christmas balls!

Geez, what were you thinking?

But how do you store your balls? Do you keep them in their original packaging?

ornament box

We did, for a while. Then we bought one of those totes with the storage compartments so you could keep your balls separated.

ornament storage1

But there was a lot of wasted space that way.

We’ve also tried storing ornaments in ziplock bags:


A few years ago my brilliant husband came up with this idea:


Apple containers from Costco! You betcha, we started saving them and tossed them up into the attic so that the following Christmas we could put our balls in them! This is how we’ve been storing them for the past couple years.

How do you store those apple containers?

Well……in a Comforter bag of course!


Check it out:


How do you like them apples?