Something really big in our house got a mini-makeover. Twenty-four of them to be exact.


Our giant armoire has been a main fixture in our home since 1999.  It’s a ginormous piece, spanning over 8′ wide and 7′ tall and it holds a ton of stuff.  I don’t think we could ever be without it!

As much as I love it, the piece has been feeling a little “dated” to me- I think because of the gold/brass knobs. 


It would be easy to swap the knobs out and replace them with something a little more modern and stylish, but I wasn’t exactly sure what “look” I was trying to achieve.  

My first thought was to go with a brushed nickel knob- those are trendy and stylish- and since our kitchen is stainless steel and we can see the armoire from our kitchen- it would be a good way to coordinate the two rooms.


But…..I don’t think nickel knobs are the best choice for such a classic oak piece.

A dark oil rubbed bronze knob would be both modern and classic at the same time!  See?


I think I like it! So I priced it out and realized this wasn’t going to be a cheap upgrade- it’s two-bucks-a-pop for each knob! 

I patiently waited for Christmas in hopes that Santa would leave some knobs in my stocking. 

And he did!

Replacing the knobs took a lot longer than anticipated because several drawer faces had to be removed from the drawer itself in order to access the screw head for the knobs.  Fortunately only 3 drawers needed full removal, the other 5 we were able to do in place.

Here’s a closer view of the before:


And after:


Yes, I definitely like this look much better!

And the full piece:


I love it! I think it makes the piece look a little darker, too, since the dark knobs seem to pull out the darker grain of the oak.

Hmmm… I’m fighting the temptation to switch all of our doorknobs out, too.  Hee hee….


I don’t think I’ll get buy-off on that one.  At thirty-bucks a pop and needing 11 of them….um, um….

….maybe next Christmas?