Is it possible to have an addiction to scarves? I love scarves! And when you find a scarf that is comfortable to wear, and it comes in other colors, too- why not buy them in every color possible?

I started to go scarf crazy a couple winters ago. It started out with the purchase of a single scarf- it was primarily black and gray with multiple patterns. It became my go-to scarf and I wore it all the time.

The following winter I picked up 2 scarves from Old Navy- Love love love them! Both were a plaid/leopard multi-print…..mostly gray and one had a hint of pink, the other a hint of blue.

Then I went to Kohl’s and bought a couple knit loop scarves…sadly I never wear them. One is black knit with frilly edges- it’s just a little too bulky for me. The other scarf is a loose knit in cream with flecks of gold throughout. Also a bit bulkier than I like.

This year I picked up three “frilly” scarves….one in black and gray leopard, the other in a brown/cream/blue paisley, and the last is reds and pinks in a multi-pattern.

And this is my newest little find- not yet worn:

But how does one store all their scarves?  That’s been a problem for me.  It was fine when I only had a couple scarves- I simply hung them from a coat/hat rack in my closet.  But when you have too many scarves, that solution no longer works, especially when you wear several of the scarves and are always having to dig through them.

So I started wrapping a few of the common worn scarves on the rod above my dresser:

But that wasn’t really a solution either.

I love my “boutique” closet and wanted my scarf selection to fit that look:

Here’s what I came up with:

Perfect! Three rods, each containing my favorite scarves closest to the end, easy to see, easy to grab, easy to pull off without taking all the others with them!

And behind the scenes it looks like this:


Now I just need to stay outta the shops- NO MORE SCARVES!!