Who is bending backwards?  Not Brooke, or Riley, or even me!

It’s the curve of my neck! It’s curving the wrong way!

Sadly, I didn’t ask for a copy of MY xray, nor did I take a photograph of it, so instead I’ll be pulling pictures of the wonderful world wide web to show you what I saw.

This is how your neck is supposed to look- a nice “C” curve:

And this simulates quite nicely how my x-ray looked:

This is known as “reverse curve” and also as “forward head”.

The Chiropractor also pointed out a large bone spur on one of my neck vertebrae, with deterioration of the vertebrae below that.  Ruh-roh.  Hopefully we won’t need to address that, if I can fix my curve then that spur won’t rub on the vertebrae below it and hopefully that will stay status-quo.

I started seeing the Chiropractor twice a week, it’s been several weeks already and I have to say the tightness I’ve had in my shoulders and upper back and neck is significantly improved.  I’ve also been getting massages every couple weeks and for the first time in years it’s not a super deep tissue massage to eliminate the knots and tightness- because most of that is so minimal now!  Yippee!

Regarding the reverse curve in my neck, between adjustments I try to make a point of keeping my head back a little farther to correct the curve.  I’ve found that when I sit at the computer I have a tendency of leaning my head forward, so it’s a constant effort to remind myself to sit properly and sit straight, head straight, etc.  Just a little retraining…


Mind your posture.  Keep your joints lubed up and moving freely.  And when you feel like something isn’t working right, by all means- get it checked out!

I’ll keep you posted on how this works out.