WOW.  My mornings used to have a good hour or two where the kids were doing their own thing and being good and having fun and using their imaginations, so I’d basically just hang out in the playroom with them and use that hour to work on my blogging or scrapbooking or business paperwork, or whatever.

If you recall, my new group of kiddos won’t allow that.  I’m lucky if I can spend 2 minutes in a bathroom!  Even stepping out of the room to prepare lunch or snack can be risky business!


“Quiet Time” would be my next available opportunity, but dang I’m so worn out now that I need a mental break- the last thing I want to do is sit at a computer and blog, or be productive at anything.  I’ve been vegging on the couch….if I’m not feeding one of the two babies….or changing diapers….or entertaining the babies to keep them quiet and happy so they don’t wake the nappers.  SO yeah, brainless time.

Today (Thursday the 12th) is the first day in a long time that I was stuck in the playroom for quiet time and I actually WANTED to do some scrapbooking, and blogging.  So I did!  And it felt great!  And like I mentioned earlier about old habits dying hard….well, I felt like I should be drinking a coke while sitting here.  Ugh, when will that go away?  I haven’t craved a coke at all…..until today.  Pastrami sandwich…..blogging….and digital scrapbooking.

Anyway.  Digital Scrapbooking.

So what I like about digital scrapbooking and keeping a family blog is that I can go back through my blog to find more detail about the pictures I took for a particular event.  Like New Year’s 2011.  I remembered what we did, but not to the detail that I had written in the blog.  So I’m thankful that I keep the blog up to date!

Er, I did.

I never blogged Halloween.  Or Thanksgiving.  Or Christmas!!  Or other family happenings like Riley’s birthday, or our home-made pastrami experience (and recipe), or our trip to the beach in November.  Did I blog our trip to the beach in October (when Sarah was here)?

My goodness….I’m so far behind!

I’m hoping to capitalize on this feeling of inspiration- and do this for myself.  It makes me feel good to chronicle our family happenings so we can look back over them and refresh our memory.  I’m making a vow to get better at keeping up to date….so stay tuned for Christmas!  And Halloween!