Today for lunch I ate a pastrami sandwich.  Except it wasn’t on bread.  Or lettuce.  I made a batch of “Revolution Rolls“, basically a bread substitute, although it’s really not a bread substitute.  But it is.  It’s just not bread-like.

Anyway, I say old habits die hard because before changing my eating habits, I would have a sandwich every day for lunch, followed by an ice-cold Coca Cola.  I really haven’t missed my soda at all (well, except for those first few days!).

My lunches have been filling and balanced- something protein based with a whole lotta vegetables- usually salad, or cabbage or asparagus or broccoli or cauliflower.

Not “sandwiches”.

But today I wanted a pastrami sandwich.  So I fired up the cast iron griddle and spread a bit of butter on two Revolution Rolls, a bit of mayo on the inside of one, a nice stack of home-made pastrami, a slice of Tillamook Cheddar, a squirt of mustard and I threw that baby on the griddle to start toasting it and turning it into hot melty goodness.  The bread had a hard time staying together (again, it’s not bread).  But I made it work.  I couldn’t get the meat or cheese to warm up, though, so I threw the whole thing into the microwave….then pulled it apart to add lots and lots and lots of lettuce.

I ate it.

It was good.  Not as good as hot pastrami on rye, or wheat, or white for that matter!  But it was good.

But you know what happened?  It made me want a coke.  Badly.

Just like in the good ‘ol days when I was 10 pounds heavier.  Old habits die hard.

Don’t worry, I didn’t cave in and open a can.  I haven’t had a Coke since November 6th!

Instead I was a good girl and refilled my water bottle and drank that down and decided to sit here and blog my alarming experience.   It was kind of an eye opener, in that we associate some foods with other foods….and wow how it comes in strong!

Does this mean every time I have a Pastrami “sandwich” I’m going to crave a coke?

How many sandwiches do I have to eat without a coke before that side-craving disappears?

I’ll keep you posted!