Maybe I just don’t get it, or there’s something in the fine print….

I was looking at airfare to Los Cabos Mexico for next June- to fly all 5 of us to stay a week at a villa in the Montecristo Estates at  Pueblo Bonito Sunset.  I started out with Alaska Airlines since we have a mileage account with them…and it appears that tickets will run us about $555 per person for non-refundable airfare.  That’s a non-stop flight down, and a 1 stop flight home.

Knowing that it’s a possibility we’ll have to cancel the trip, I decided to look at refundable tickets, to see how much they would run us.

Um, $1022 per person.

WHY would I pay double for a refundable ticket, when I could just not fly- and eat the first ticket for LESS?

Let’s try using some of my airline miles- from when we signed up for our Alaska Airlines Membership program.  I have 34,500 miles.  Gee, that lowers the refundable ticket price to $931 per person.  Whoopie.

Again- what’s the point of airline rewards- cuz they don’t really seem to work for the average “vacationer”.  You can read my previous rant here.

Ugh.  Now I know why Mexico is usually just Jim and I!  It’s hard to fly a family of 5….it turns airfare of $1,000 to airfare for $2,500….in a heartbeat!  Yikes!  We still plan to take the kids next year. We figure it’s one of the last years we can go, hang out at the villa all day long and let the kids swim in our private pool and they will enjoy it.  Fast forward a few years and they’ll feel cooped up and want to get out and stretch and go make friends and find the cute girls and boys at the larger resort pools.  And go shopping.  And out to eat.

Yes, we should suck it up and go next year, cuz this same trip a few years from now will cost us double double!