I felt like I was doing so well with my every-other-day postings….had a couple drafts going and was on target to keep my blog fresh and filled.

Then Wednesday rolled around and we switched cable/internet providers.  And it all went downhill after that.  The draft I was working on, which I KNOW I saved, was somehow unsaved except for the first couple paragraphs.  And I spent a lot of time on that one- loading pictures and links and all sorts of stuff.  Gone.

Losing my internet for a good 1/2 day was frustrating too.  So I didn’t go back to finish the lost draft.

The next day, my laptop would no longer connect to our wireless network, so I reconfigured the wireless extender and although the laptop could finally connect to the network, it could not access the internet.  Grrr…

Friday I lost our main internet access (and phone) altogether, for a brief moment.  When it came back on I called the guy to come back out…he did, he replaced our router.

Saturday and Sunday- I spent over 20 hours trying to fix the extender, figure it out, whatever, to no avail.  Looks like we’ll need to get a different extender because the one we have just will NOT work.

Anyhow, for the short term…. Jim came up with the solution of us trading laptops- his is strong enough to pick up our main wireless signal back in the playroom, so now I’m using his laptop for basic internet stuff….but all my photographs and photo editing software and digital scrapbooking stuff is on MY computer which is not in the playroom anymore.

Long story short- it might be a while before I’m able to finish that partially saved draft, and certainly longer until I’m back on the every-other-day blogging bandwagon.

And it certainly doesn’t look like I’ll make my 2010 Scrapbook finished before the end of September either!

Every night this week is double booked.  Tonight it was a home appointment for window treatments + football practice.  Tomorrow it’s football + soccer.  Wednesday it’s orthodontist + football.  Thursday it’s football + soccer + wedding reception.

Daytime is crazy busy too.  It’s the last week before school starts so the kids are all amped up with anxiety and nerves whether they’ll admit that’s whats causing their emotional instability or not.  I have a new baby here, too….which so far so good, but babies do take up a lot more time!  Any “new” kid takes up a lot more time….

I’d just like to fast forward to the 3rd week of school please.  Then “Pause” for about a week’s time so I can get all caught up with life!